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FAQs: frequently asked questions

You'll find FAQs about the Tutor Like a Pro! Membership first.
General questions about starting your tutoring business are second.

FAQs about the Tutor Like a Pro! Membership

What fees do I have to pay once I join?

None! Your only fee is the membership fee. You keep 100% of your income. And your membership fee is fixed when you join for all renewals without a break. And prices only ever go up, so if you are considering joining now, it will save you money in the long run. 

Are there any additional costs once I join for any resources, etc?

No, none. Everything is included in the single membership fee. 

Are you going to recommend I buy a whole host of expensive things to start my tutoring business?

Exactly the opposite! We want to keep your startup costs as low as possible so we recommend tools that have useful free versions that we use too. 

Are you an agency?

No. That means we won't send clients to you directly and we won't give you a tutoring job. What we do is show you how to market your tutoring business with ease and integrity so you can attract the clients you want to work with. And keep 100% of your income. We have a "tutors' index" so members can easily refer clients to each other if they are fully booked. 

Do I have to be native English speaker to join the membership?

No! We have members with excellent English who are not native English speakers.

Do I need to be a qualified teacher to join the membership?

No. But you do need to have an interest in and experience teaching phonics and early literacy to young learners. 

Can international teachers who teach English as a foreign language join?

Definitely! Our exclusive, signature Jigsaw Phonics programme with ready-to-tutor lessons was created by an international teacher and lessons are optimised for non-native English speakers. 

What kind of people are in the membership?

A mix of UK and international tutors and teachers. Some are full-time tutors, some have tutoring as one income stream, some are transitioning out of the classroom into tutoring, some teach online only, some teach face-to-face, some do a mix, some teach phonics and other subjects ... a vibrant and interesting mix!

Will the resources make tutoring easy for me?

Yes, that's the plan! Our signature, exclusive Jigsaw Phonics programme has 90 ready-to-tutor structured phonics and literacy lessons plus 30+ vocabulary enrichment activities plus 30 separate spelling lessons.

They come in powerpoints to easily tutor online or face-to-face. Plus there are assessments and reports. One member started small group tutoring just 14 days after joining, so it can go fast! Another member said she loves how child-led the lessons are, so it feels more like teamwork than tutoring.  

What I really need help with is getting clients - the marketing. Can you help?

Yes! A third of the membership is "Market with Ease and Integrity" so you have all the training and know-how you need to get your business out there in a way that attracts your ideal client without the hard sell.  

How much live support will I get inside the membership?

A lot! We have (1) weekly live group calls (2) twice-monthly live coworking sessions (3) a private forum inside the membership (4) a private members-only Facebook group (5) the option to book a 1-1 call with Sandra any time you are stuck on something that needs some personal attention. You'll feel really supported. 

Do you just help online tutors?

No. Lessons are optimised for easy online tutoring but they work for face-to-face tutoring too. There are a whole load of extra resources, like flashcards and games, that you can print and use.   

Is the membership just for phonics and early literacy tutors?

Yes, our signature membership Jigsaw Phonics Turor Like a Pro! is for phonics and literacy teachers only. Some members also tutor primary maths too. 

I'm seeing Jigsaw Phonics tutors around. How does that work?

You have the option to co-brand with Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring if you wish, for a very reasonable additional fee which includes our trusted partner building your website so it's up and running within 2 weeks.

Some of the many advantages of cobranding are

(1) increased brand visibility and awareness

(2) improved credibility and trust and

(3) cost savings because al lthe graphics are included 

Check out Jigsaw Phonics with Alice or Jigsaw Phonics with Haifa here for an example of how cobranding looks in the real world.

This is the blogpost about cobranding with more information

Why do you offer a 12-month membership?

Lots of reasons:

(1) You are busy and you don't need the added pressure of a 'bootcamp' to get started. And when so many of you are getting your tutoring business started while you are still in the day job, you need as much time flexibility as possible. But you can also zip through the programme and get your business set up quickly - it's your choice. 

(2) The truth is, when you get started in business, that's when the real questions come. And I want you to be supported in the phase that your business grows. Pushing you through a fast-paced programme for a few weeks and then leaving you without ongoing support doesn't align with how I want to help you. My motto is - slow is smooth and smooth is fast - better to get your business set up slowly and properly than rush into it and burn out.

(3) An important part of the membership is a licence to use the ready-to-tutor lessons, and that's an annual licence, so you have all the resources you need over a whole year.     

How do I join?

Membership is by invitation only after a call with Sandra - to make sure Jigsaw Phonics is right for you and we are right for each other :)

Book a FREE, no-obligation call here to find out more.  

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General FAQs about the business of tutoring

Inside the Tutor Like a Pro! Membership

there are solutions to all these questions - and more! 

Is there any guidance you can give me as a new tutor? It seems so different to teaching, although I know realistically it can’t be?

The business side is the different bit, so it's about packaging and pricing your tutoring offer, communicating your value to your ideal client and making sure your terms and and conditions are solid.  

How much should I charge?

A fair price that will keep your business sustainable. In the membership we go beyond outdated hourly rates and recommend pricing and packaging your offer to cover all the work you do in your business in a way that will make your business sustainable.  

Do you ask to be paid upfront? How does that work? 

Yes, always ask for payment upfront and be very clear in your terms and conditions about cancellations, lesson credits and refunds. There are many ways to take payments automatically but the aim is to make it a smooth process for your client. 

I'm just trying to figure out what insurance I need to start tutoring?

It’s great to start your business professionally and to think of insurance. Our recommendation for tutor insurance is Policy Bee here  You'll go through a quick online process to find out exactly what you need, and because tutoring is not a high-risk profession it may be cheaper than you think. 

Legal help for tutors - who do you recommend?

We recommend Law Hound - click here and go to the Tutor Hub - for legal support specifically designed for tutors. You have terms and conditions templates inside the membership that are very solid.

Do I need a DBS/criminal records check as a tutor?

Yes. Safeguarding has to be the number one priority and you should make a point of telling prospective clients that you have all the safeguarding checks in place. We also recommend adding your child protection policy to your T&Cs (we have templates including that inside the membership).  

How do people first go about advertising themselves as a tutor?

The first and easiest way is to tell everyone you know that you are tutoring! Someone always wants a tutor or knows someone who does. After that, it's about communicating the value of your offer. That's less about what you do and how you do it, and more about communicating the results clients get from working with you.

I'm thinking about starting up as a primary tutor but not feeling very confident about it. Any words of wisdom?

It's completely normal to feel nervous about doing something new. When you think of starting a business, you think it's all about accounts, logos and insurance. It's not really that at all - 80% of getting started is mastering your mindset. And since you have to be be in it to win it, just get started! Believe in your amazing transferable teacher skills to guide you through the process. And know that confidence comes after you do something.

The smart thing to do is to believe enough in yourself to invest in yourself.  Get the help that will fast-track you through all the questions you have as an owner of a tutoring business. You need to know you are doing it right so you'll be excited to get out there!


Book a free, no obligation call with me, Sandra, to talk about whether the Tutor Like a Pro! membership could be for you - click here to choose a time that suits you.   I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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