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Travel and work as a private tutor: 6 top tips.

Updated: Mar 11

You can run your private tutoring business from a campervan and tutor on the road.
France: as idyllic as it looks.

This is the time of year when I pack up the campervan, plan the route on my favourite apps like Park4night, and head in the direction of Andalucia. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - there is nothing like an outside office under a blue sky in 20+ degrees with peach blossoms overhead in January. That’s right - winter sun! If you book a call with me about joining the membership, I’ll show you around!

The term digital nomad is definitely a bit cringey, but the idea that you can work from anywhere in the world definitely isn't.

But what do you need to make it happen? As an experienced work-from-homer, with a home on wheels, here's how I suggest you do it.

1. Get a campervan. Or narrowboat. Or whatever floats your boat.

It doesn't have to cost the earth. I have a campervan and I don't do it Instagram-style with macrame plant hangers, a surfboard on the roof and a guitar on the wall. What's really cost-effective is a van with a shower and loo because it'll cut down on campsite fees in the long run.

Solar panels are the perfect power source for your private tutoring business on the road!
My setup. Power your business on Italian sunshine!

2. Get yourself a solar set up.

You are a resource-hunter in a campervan and 240v electric hookup can be scarce/expensive and you need a charged laptop. Other brands are available but Jackery is my favourite. It's great to run your business on 100% sunshine!

3. Get a cheap phone to use as your dedicated router.

It will save your normal phone battery. I made the mistake of getting a router/signal booster setup fixed into my camper and it was a complete waste of money.

4. Get yourself a local SIM card.

Just take your passport to the nearest mobile phone shop and you're set up in minutes. The coverage with a local SIM - in my experience - is better than you get when you are roaming. And data in many countries is very cheap - Italy is around €10/month for 100+GB, for example.

A campervan is the ideal place for your private tutoring business.
It's easy to take a dip off the beaten track.

5. Track your finances.

In order to know how cost-effective a working life on the road is for you, you have to keep track. I make phone notes to transfer onto a spreadsheet. Include hidden charges like bank charges. I use a prepaid Visa credit card that doesn't charge a fee/percentage for every foreign transaction.

6. Make sure your business T&Cs are solid.

The focus is often what happens if the client needs to cancel, but what happens if you do? In my experience there's no more risk being on the road than there is in everyday life, but it's always good to have your business on solid foundations.

(We have 3 different T&Cs templates for your tutoring bsiness inside the membership)

A campervan is the perfect place to run your private tutoring business from while you tutor on the road.
Alone - but not lonely. This spot filled up very quickly.

Intrigued by the option of working on the road? Would you love to do it but not sure how you could make it happen?

Clue - become a private online tutor!

For other ideas, Jits into the Sunset podcast episode 7 has Tania and Adam talking all about life and work on the road and it’s full of great inspiration, so check it out!

And if you want to ask me in more detail about what working and travelling involves, just send me an email!

Who's inspired to get working from a mobile office? Let us know in the comments!

And don't forget to book a call with me here if you want to get mobile and get tutoring on your own terms for more impact, income and fulfilment.

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