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A look at the phonics lessons that come ready-prepared for you teach online or face-to- face as part of the Tutor Like a Pro! membership from Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring - launching soon!

I saw something on social media recently that really resonated with me. It went something like:

Teaching is work you do before you get to work, you work while you're at work and because you don't have the time to do the work while you are at work, you work after work ...

If that resonantes with you, you'll know a lot of that work is lesson preparation.

But as a tutor (tutoring is NOT teaching as we know it!) you don’t need to do ALL the work! We've got the lesson prep covered in 90 lessons that cover all the sounds in a structured, cumulative way. The most you need to do is have a quick zip through the lesson before you teach it so you know what’s coming up.

Puzzle the panda shows children real words that they can sound out. He's the emotional hook into phonics doing the job of supporting metacognition in children's learning.

You also have flexibility with the lessons. If there are three sentences to read but you only want to read one, just read one and spend the time focusing on whatever else it is that your learners need in another part of the lesson.

We guide you through the lesson with "transition" slides, so your learners are ready for what is coming next. It’s also a moment for you to breathe, chat with the children and build rapport, check in and get feedback - all that important relationship-building work that goes alongside the learning.

The advantage of ready-to-go lessons: consistency

The time-saving aspect of ready-to-go lessons in obvious, but consistency is also key. It’s really important that the lessons follow the same structure so learners feel secure in that structure. It’s an easily-made - although well-intentioned - rookie mistake for teachers and tutors to keep trying out this or that idea randomly with their learners. Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring lessons deliberately follow the same, structured, predictable routine because it’s not what you do brilliantly once in a while that brings results, it’s the slow, structured, regular increments that get your learners real results in the long run.

Wug the alien shows children nonsense words for segmenting and blending practice - and is also our EAL mascot because Wug only speaks Wuggish.

Confidence that you are doing the right thing

As well as ready-to-go lessons, you will have videos of a real teacher who has used Jigsaw Phonics resources in a real classroom in a real school taking you through every part of the lesson showing you how to teach the separate routines. You don't have to stick to them completely if you have your own style, but you have a baseline to either follow or adapt as you wish.

Less prep for you also means no homework prep!

Yes, we've thought of it all - so you don't have to! There will be free homework for parents to download if they want more to do at home. You can talk your children through their homework at the end of the lesson so they are primed to get that extra learning and consolidation at home.

Meet Trick the robot! Her computer brain is programmed to read anything. She tells children they can't use their sounding out skills so she's the emotional hook into phonics as well as supporting metacognition in learning.

All the physical materials you need

As a Tutor Like a Pro! member, you get everything in the shop so you have the flashcards and materials to set up continuous-provision stlye activities if you are teaching face-to-face. All our materials classroom-tested. As a membership bonus, there are some things that are not in the shop that you get as well, so you will never be stuck for resources.

How to join us on our mission to help children to read ...

Because our mission at Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring is helping children to read, the way we do that is to help you get real results for the children you tutor. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to achieve the best for the children in your care.

If you are a literacy teacher, a teaching assistant or you teach English as a foreign language and you think tutoring could be for you, we can help! Now is the time to think about becoming a founder member. We only need your feedback in return for an amazing founder-member price. Even though we think we've thought of everything, there's nothing like hearing from our members so we can put our small-business advantage into action and make any changes or additions you tell us you want.

Sign up here.

Next week I'll be giving you insights into the phonics training benefits of joining the membership. We want you to own your expertise as a phonics pro! And the week after, I'll be talking about how the business and marketing aspects of setting yourself up as a tutor are part of the membership too.

So sign up in the box at the bottom if you haven't already and you'll get it straight to your inbox!

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