Still thinking you just plan lessons? Think again!

Updated: Aug 31

When you plan lessons, you use high-level project management skills.

That means your transferable skills are:

  • an overall focus on problem-solving

  • effective time management

  • ability to prioritize

  • adaptability to different audiences

  • excellent communication strategies

  • data analysis of formal and informal metrics

When you plan lessons, you use your skill and judgement to select resources to suit your audience.

That means your transferable skills are:

  • strong research skills

  • critical evaluation of resources

  • creativity at adapting source materials

  • evaluating and applying evidence

  • continually evolving practice

When you plan lessons, you use your excellent communication skills to reach a variety of different audiences (children, parents, colleagues, management, maybe even your school's social media).

That means your transferable skills are:

  • skillful written & spoken communication

  • outstanding presentation skills

  • strong understanding of visual communication

  • excellent technical and computing skills

You already have so many transferable skills that will work brilliantly if you want to apply for a whole range of jobs or start your own tutoring business! When you are thinking of starting a tutoring business you have so many questions, including: Can I even really do this? The good news is - you CAN do this! You have the skills and you'll be so excited to get out there! Here's how we can help.

Parts 2, 3 and 4 of all your transferable teacher skills are coming up,

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