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Social media marketing: 8 ways for private tutors to win

Updated: Jan 7

There's no doubt, as a tutoring business owner, that you have to get out there on social media. It really makes sense to have it as part of your marketing strategy. But social media is massively content-hungry and creating content can be a huge time-sucker. It's a balance. So what can you do to make your content creation as lean and as effective as possible?

1. Know who you are talking to.

What you think your ideal audience or client wants and what they actually want can easily be two different things. Create a profile of your ideal person who you want your private tutoring content to resonate with. The message can only hit home when you know who you are talking to.

2. Develop your mindset.

Social media can be an amazing place to develop an imposter mindset and to let comparison steal your joy from under your nose. So approach your use of social media with curiosity. Think about the feelings it triggers in you, and how you can channel those feelings into something positive. How can you use that information to tweak or make improvements to your content, but in a way that stays true to you and your tutoring business?

3. Have a strategy.

That can mean choosing the platforms you want to be on in order to do some well rather than spread yourself too thinly across all of them. It can also mean deciding to post consistently 3 times a week rather than a hit-and-miss attempt at posting every day. It can also mean time-blocking to avoid falling down the rabbit hole.

4. Decide what you want to create content about.

What does your audience want to see? Choose at least three areas - often called content pillars - to get your output varied but consistent. What can you mix your content up with - consistently - to change it up and keep your audience interested or amused?

5. Find your sources of inspiration.

Even if you are really, really creative, no-one is endlessly creative. Have a way of storing your ideas. Have your templates, frameworks and guidelines for creating content. What's that single tool you go to when your creative juices are running low? You need to have that to rely on to avoid feeling defeated or burnt out by social media.

6. Repurpose your content.

Repurposing is a timesaver, most people never see all of your content anyway and some of your content will be evergreen. That's why so many blogs are in the format of "6 ways to … " or "7 things to think about when…" Bullet points and lists are easy for your audience to consume - the headlines in a blog like this make great social media bullet points to drive your audience to your website for the longer read on your blog … and look around at your other tutoring offers. You get the idea. And hello if you've come to this blog from Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn …!

7. Choose your favourite way to create content.

Do you want to use the free or paid version of a variety of apps out there? Do you want a session with a designer who will create the visual look and feel of your brand? Would you plan to outsource content creation to a VA (virtual assistant) or OBN (online business manager)?

8. Automate posting your content.

Schedule what you can schedule for free, like Facebook and blog posts. Invest in the software that allows you to auto post on platforms like LinkedIn and Instagram - we have recommendations. Let the machines take over so you can focus on your zone of genius - actually tutoring! - to bring more income into your tutoring business.

This is WHAT you have to do. So far so good. Next is HOW you do it. In our Tutor Like a Pro! membership we work on the how to take away the confusion, guesswork and uncertainty of social media. We have a great tool that will allow you to create potentially endless content easily, in your own voice, that speaks directly to your ideal clients. We’ll have done-for-you social media content that you can post to give you a headstart on being consistent. Our mission is to help move you smoothly and consistently towards the action steps that get you results.

If you like the sound of all that, why not book a call with Sandra to discuss joining the membership? It's a relaxed, no-obligation chat that you can book right here.

PS - social media content is only one part of marketing your private tutoring services. In the membership we have 9 trainings on how to market your tutoring business organically - that’s free marketing - to keep your costs down and get yourself out there consistently and effectively.

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