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How to start your tutoring business: part 2

More action steps to turn your business ideas into a reality!

Few teachers are business experts and when you start a new tutoring business you have so many questions:

  • Where do I start?

  • How do I make money?

  • How do I find clients?

  • Can I even really do this?

The good news is: you can!

Just remember, confidence always comes after you take on a new challenge, not before it.

So if you are thinking “I’m not confident enough to do this”, reframe it to: “I’m not going to feel really confident about doing this, but I’m capable of achieving my goals, and I know the confidence comes from just doing it.”

Are you ready?!

Here are 6 more action steps, following on from the previous blog, to starting your tutoring business. It's just easier when you have a list!

7. consider an accountant

You might not need an accountant straight away, but make sure you keep your paperwork in order. An accountant is a good way to make sure your accounts run smoothly and that you are compliant with financial rules and regulations. They can usually advise on an accounting software you might need too.

8. register with the ICO (UK businesses)

If you hold any customer data, you must register here

It's a legal requirement in the UK, but it's easy to set up. You can do it once and it will automatically renew.

9. safeguarding - UK enhanced DBS check

You can't apply for your own enhanced DBS check yourself in the UK, so you have to find an organization to do that for you. We recommend you also state your safeguarding policy in your terms and conditions documents. It's best pracitce to update your safeguarding training every two years using a reputable provider.

The NSPCC is a great source of training and information

10. make sure your terms and conditions are crystal clear

As a small business you cannot afford, for example, to have clients book and cancel willy-nilly in a way that means you lose money and cannot rely on a guaranteed income. Be upfront and unapologetic that your cancellation policy is strict. We’re all used to this from other booking services. Your T&Cs set your boundaries and protect you. But depending on the situation, it's your business, so you can be flexible with them if necessary.

11. pricing and packaging your offer

This is one of the most important aspects of your business. Are you charging an hourly rate, or are your packaging your offering as a single monthly payment? Are you leveraging the advantages of small group tutoring? Are you giving clients a choice of options of how to work with you? There are lots of ways to optimize your business beyond an hour's tutoring for an hour's pay.

12. the tech

The challenge these days is always the tech. Even if you are tech-savvy, there’s still so much out there, it changes so often, it might suit the way you think -or not. And of course price plays a role. Our discussion about the tech is ongoing as it develops and we try out new things, but where possible, there are plenty of tools that have good free versions to keep your costs down.

Our top four tech tips are:

  • the free version of Mailerlite for your landing page and email marketing

  • the free version of Calendly that you can embed in Mailerlite so prospective clients can book calls with you

  • the free version of Descript for recordings

  • the paid version of Zoom

Inside the membership we have training on setting up Mailerlite to use as your landing page to avoid the time-consuming job of setting up a website straight off.

Did I also mention there are 90-ready-to-teach phonics and literacy lessons that are optimised for online tutoring and learners who speak English as a second language?

Plus all the assessment, reports and final certificates ready for you to use?

If you are looking for the all-round solution to setting up your phonics and early literacy tutoring business, book a call with me, Sandra, and let's have a no-obligation chat about how Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring could be exactly what you need in the next step of your phonics and early literacy tutoring career.

Book a call here

I'm really looking forward to meeting you!

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