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Help! I'd like to start tutoring but I have so many questions!

Part 1 of common questions when you are planning the exciting step of starting your own tutoring service. Drop your question in the comments below!

Might have the opportunity to tutor … what do I charge? I’d like to make sure the parents choose me but at the same time don’t want to underprice myself!!! Thoughts?

Consider small group tutoring rather than 1:1. It keeps the price reasonable for parents and gives you a good hourly rate.

Is there any guidance you can give me as a new tutor? It seems so different to teaching, although I know realistically it can’t be!!

The teaching will be enjoyable and more personalized without the classroom teacher workload, school politics, Ofsted etc. It's the business side that is new for most teachers-turned-tutors. Key is to get your terms and conditions clear and build from there.

What do you tend to do in your first session?

Build relationships, build relationships, build relationships. Check in with energy levels and emotions. Hook learners into the topic. Do a chunk of learning. Reflect and reward.

Is it easy to get started with tutoring without signing up to an agency or platform?

Yes. Agencies and platforms might be helpful as a quick way to start. Setting up on your own may be slower in the short term, but much more valuable in the long run.

Do you ask to be paid upfront? How on earth does that work, do you use PayPal or something similar?

Yes, always ask for payment upfront. There are many platforms that take payments automatically - be aware of a fee of about 3% for each payment taken that you need to absorb into your hourly rate.

What’s the best way for me to register my new tutoring business? As you can tell, I'm ok with teaching but the rest has me stumped.

If you are in the UK, most tutors consider sole trader vs a limited company and go for sole trader as the simplest way. Always take professional advice for the territory you are in.

I’d like to start doing some tutoring in the coming months to start getting established and earn some extra income. I’m just trying to figure out what insurance I need?

It’s great to start your business professionally and to think of insurance. Talk to a regulated broker who will advise on your individual situation, or go online where you can can work through a questionnaire that will tell you what you need for your setting.

What tutoring questions do you have? Drop them in the comments!

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