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Cobranding with Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring

Updated: Sep 14

Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring Tutor Like a Pro logo helping children to read
Your logo is just a small part of your branding

When you are starting your tutoring business, branding is going to something you need to think about.

When you think 'branding', the first thing that comes to mind might be "logo" and "colour palette". And that's a great start, but it's not everything.

What clients looking for tutoring see first should ideally be scroll-stopping. We scroll through hundreds of metres of media a day and the aim is to stand out, or be quickly recognizable.

Deciding on your name is an important part of your branding, because you want your handles to be consistent - and instantly recognizable - across all platforms.

Perception is everything, so what your ideal client first sees is important. You need to look professional, consistent and sharp, otherwise - to put it bluntly - you are just warming up your audience for your tutoring competitors if your ideal client decides you look a bit shabby and decides to go elsewhere.

To paraphrase RuPaul's brilliant advice - "put the suit on - tap into the narrative that's already inside the client's head."

What clients see is the first bit, but it's only one part of your brand.

Your tone of voice, so how you talk to people, is the second important part of your brand too. Lack of confidence or belief in what you do often leads to a stitled, formal tone of voice with overly-complicated words. That mistake puts the distance between you and your ideal client that you feel between you and your tutoring business. Own your tutoring business, like the good friend it will be to you, and chat to your clients in the confident accessible way you would to a friend.

The third part of your branding is your client journey. Your branding does not stop once you get clients through the door. Your brand is about creating an incredible client experience which is frictionless at every point. You want your clients to become your raving fans and go on to recommend your tutoring services to others. It's at this point that your branding does the heavy lifting for you, because recommendations from your happy clients are your marketing gold.

And all of that client journey part is the bit that nobody sees because it's connected to your vision and your values for your tutoring business. So if that sounds all a bit woo at first, it's worth a re-think. Because truth is, more people will complain about what goes wrong than rave about what goes right. So creating the frictionless customer journey to create that incredible client experience is the only way to hack human nature to benefit your business.

The advantages of cobranding with Jigsaw Phonics

Cobranding with Jigsaw Phonics is easy.

For a very reasonable fee, our trusted partner will build your website to be fully branded as a Jigsaw Phonics website. So if you are a bit of a technophobe, it just got very easy!

Part of that means you get all the professionally-designed graphics included.

Getting the branding right can be complex. Commissioning designers and creating graphics is expensive. If you decide to do it cheaply, you risk getting something generic that a designer just tweaks (or just replicates - yes, it happens) from a previous job.

Here at Jigaw Phonics Tutoring we have a designer on the team and all our images are copyright and trademarked and available to members to use. So members get completely original, protected, high-quality graphics. Plus we can add and tweak depending on members' needs, which we love doing, because it will almost certainly benefit everyone.

You get the three main visual parts of your brand here:

colours - the hexadecimal codes of all the colours, for example #EC619F is the Jigsaw Phonics pink, so you can be consistently pink across all channels. You get all hex numbers for the blues and greens we use too.

typeface - we have a selection, and again it's about being consistently recognizable. The risk is to keep experimenting, and that only dilutes your brand

imagery - the graphic "assets" you can put all over your marketing, communications and social media output are ready-to-go. It just coudln't be easier.

The advantages of cobranding are huge, and include:

  1. Increased brand awareness: Recognizable branding generates a buzz and catches attention, tapping into existing awareness of the brand.

  2. Enhanced credibility: Cobranding can lend credibility by association with a quality, premium brand like Jigsaw Phonics.

  3. Cost-effective marketing: The graphics, colours and design concept are already there, so startup costs for your tutoring business stay low.

  4. Exclusivity: Not everyone gets to be a Jigsaw Phonics tutor, so members can lean into the exclusivity of the brand, setting them apart from their competitors.

Overall, cobranding can be a strategic and successful way to create significant benefits and drive your tutoring business growth.

That's why we've made it easy for Tutor Like a Pro! members to cobrand, and why it's a huge benefit of joining the Tutor Like a Pro! membership. And besides cobranding, you can book additional virtual assistant services too - maybe not initially - but as your business expands.

Curious to have a look at a cobranded website?

Tutor Alice of

Check out cobranding Tutor Like a Pro! member Alice right here

You can check out our trusted expert partner for cobranding right here.


If you'd like to talk about how this could work for you of this, come and have a chat!

Because membership is by invitation only - so I can make sure we really have what you need and can genuinely help - you get to have a very non-salesy chat with me (hello, Sandra, ex-teacher here!)

Prices are always on the website here so you won't have any surprises.

And if I can't help, I can for sure refer you to a trusted person in my network who will almost certainly be able to help you.

Take this as a sign: book a call with me right here, right now!

I'm really looking forward to meeting you :)

Sandra at Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring looks forward to helping phonics teachers and early literacy educators to start their own tutoring business
Hi, I'm looking forward to meeting you!

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