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Bust these myths to get excited about starting your tutoring business!

It’s always easy to find reasons not to do something. But sometimes those reasons are just not valid. So they hold us back needlessly. Prepare to have your mindset shifted so you are inspired to build a business you love so you can enjoy more impact, income and fulfillment.

1. the market is too crowded

You worry the tutoring market is too crowded. So you feel hopeless about making the change you’d like to. The good news is: there is space for everyone out there! Key is to pick your niche so potential clients know it’s exactly you they need to help solve their problem. So be optimistic about channelling your power to make changes so you love your job and you love your life. Now is always the best time to put your steps to success in place.

2. staying in your lane

So many teachers feel like they are heading for burnout but stay in their lane and keep moving along the same road. And that comes with a sense of hopelessness about taking any other route. But it is possible to move into tutoring by starting with just a small detour. Grow your business slowly by taking on just a couple of clients. You’ll get back your belief in yourself as you start to see new ways of working and experience success. 3. not asking for help The biggest mistake we make (especially as teachers and women) is not asking for help. We’re often just so busy functioning, we can’t even find the energy to ask. But imagine how it would feel to step into your full abilities and power. To set yourself up for success, ask for help from others to make some tweaks in your life that allow you to carve out some time for you to work on new ideas. You are only going to enjoy the rewards that will come from putting your needs first.

4. underplaying your hugely transferable skills

It’s easy as a teacher to feel so institutionalized you actually have no idea of the huge range of skills that would serve you so well in business. So it’s easy to stay stuck in a draining job that destroys your confidence and risks burning you out. But imagine realizing there’s another way, using all those amazing skills? It’s just a matter of trusting yourself that you do have the power and the skills to create a better life for yourself.

5. getting half-started

Getting half-started is just another way of adding more stress to your life by putting even more on your already never-ending to-do list. And often what happens are costly mistakes that come from snap decisions. More haste, less speed. Starting in a cost-effective way to maximize your income and profit is the way to go. To do this, you need to set yourself up for success by committing and getting the support you need.

6. not investing in help

So many teachers decide not to invest in help when they start their tutoring business. The risk is that they end up working and worrying too much because they are unsure of what they should be doing. They really deserve to feel they are working smarter, not harder in their business. What would you tell your students to do if they were working too much or worrying a lot? Right! Sometimes we really need to take our own advice!

Be reassured that starting your own tutoring business is absolutely within your reach. When we are learning something new it’s natural to need help. Exactly like our students. So if you’d like to fast track you and your tutoring business to success, book a call and let's get you tutoring like a pro!

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