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"We've been using Jigsaw Phonics for over 6 weeks. My children have been loving phonics and improving rapidly. "



Hello, I'm Sandra. I'm a dyslexia specialist and also the parent of a child with literacy challenges, so I’m personally committed to a world where all of us - teachers, tutors and parents - work together so every child succeeds in literacy learning to become a confident speller and reader. Once we can turn learning to read into reading to learn, we set our children up for a lifetime of success. And I’ve seen over and over again that tutoring with high-quality materials and dedicated, experienced tutors is the best way to do this.

You can get the best literacy tutor for your child right here.  

JIgsaw PHONics

The expert tutor for the best help with reading, writing and spelling for your child. 


  • each tutor is a personally-selected teacher or educator

  • tutors use high-quality, classroom-tested resources

  • each tutor is an independent professional


  • each tutor brings a wealth of training, experience and expertise to your child's lessons

  • guaranteed consistent, effective, motivating learning for your child

  • you go directly to the best person to support your child


  • your child gets top-quality teaching from a dedicated professional

  • your child has an enjoyable learning experience to achieve their best possible results

  • you enjoy a highly professional service at prices that won't break the bank

Evidence-based research shows phonics interventions - teaching knowledge of the relationship between letters and sounds - adds 4-5 months of progress over a year on average for children who received additional phonics teaching compared to similar children who did not.

Reported in Nature, Vol 605, 26 May 2022      

Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring
Tutor Like a Pro!

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