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Tutor Like a Pro! in 7 Steps

The program for ALL tutors, no matter what subject you tutor.

All the business and marketing training you need so you can tutor for more impact, income and fulfilment. 

By joining the program, you confirm you have read, understood and accepted the T&Cs here. 

What do the 7 steps cover?

Step 1
Mindset  + Confidence

You'll understand the importance of mindset and confidence in your business. We will explore how reframing your thoughts can lead to positive outcomes and how to translate your teaching skills into valuable business skills. A very practical mindset task will help you reflect on your strengths and channel your energy effectively. Join this self-development journey and create a kind and inspiring space in your mind to achieve success in your small business.

Step 2

You will learn about the three key aspects of branding: visual identity, tone of voice, and how your brand makes clients feel. We dive into the the option of co-branding with Jigsaw Tutoring. You'll get clear on the importance of consistency in branding and how it helps build recognition and credibility. Whether you decide to create your own brand or co-brand with Jigsaw Tutoring, you have all the guidance and resources to help you make an informed decision. 

Step 3
Pricing and Packaging your Offer

Here's everything you need to achieve a fair price for your services that will sustain your business profitably and delight your clients. You'll better understand your pricing mindset and the value of your offer. You'll understand the risk of being too cheap and why offering discounts or refunds isn't necessary. You'll grasp the importance of positioning your service as value-based, not cost-based, and how to appeal to customers who are willing to pay a premium price. Additionally, you get a framework for creating different offers, backed up with real-life examples. You'll be clear about the benefits of packaging your offer instead of basing it on the outdated hourly-rate model. 

Step 4
Getting your Business Online

The good news is that you don't need to start with a website straight away. The better news is that you can create an online presence for your business with 100% free tools. You just need to follow the tutorial inside the programme to get your landing page up and running fast. And if you are technophobe? No problem!  We'll connect you with trusted experts who will do the work for you at very reasonable rates. Getting your business presence online has never been easier!

Step 5

The biggie! You'll be guided through the process of effectively marketing your tutoring business. You'll undestand why a hard sell approach is not necessary, because it doesn't work, and how to market your business in a way that feels good to both you and your clients. We will discuss the importance of building trust and selling the transformation that your services can provide. You'll become expert on the all-important  client journey and how to communicate the value of your offering. You will  have a clear understanding of how to market your tutoring business successfully.

Step 6
Tutoring Online

It's impossible to ignore the benefits of tutoring online for everyone: learners, parents and tutors.  You'll get recommendations for hardware, software, and materials needed for online tutoring. You'll also find a terms and conditions template inside the program for online tutoring so both you and your clients are crystal clear about how online tutoring works.  

Step 7
The Final Wrap-up

As well as revisiting all 6 steps to crytallize your learning, you'll move on to practical planning strategies that will set you up to keep your business sustainable over the longrun. 

There are also a whole host of surprises and extras that you won't want to miss out on! 

You'll also have access to live calls for the duration of the programme so you can ask your questions and network with program members, including from our signature programme for phonics tutors and literacy educators.

You'll have access to the private group inside our learning platform, and you'll be invited to our private Facebook group. You'll never feel alone again because you have a community of people on your journey who just get it!

What does it cost? The programme costs GBP 390 for 30 days

How do I join? You can join immediately, no call necessary, by clicking here

Can I have a chat with you first to check it's right for me?

Yes, you can book a call with Sandra here if there's anything you want to discuss.

If you can't find a time that works for you, email Sandra  here and we'll find a time that works.  




Hi, I'm Sandra, and I'm looking forward to seeing you on the inside!

Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring
Tutor Like a Pro!

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