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Book a 1:1 coaching call
with Sandra

If you would like to book a FREE call to discuss joining the Tutor Like a Pro! membership, click here. 

The following is for a 1:1 paid coaching call only.

To get increased confidence, motivation and tools to start or boost your tutoring business, this is for you. A fully personalized, tailored 90-minute session! 

Our session is structured into 3 action steps: enquire, evolve and excel

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  • Before we meet, you’ll get a link to some short questions I’d like to ask you and you get the chance to note down any questions for me. 

  • We'll be on the same page as soon as we start our session.

  • This guarantees that you will extract maximum value from our time together.  


  • We’ll crystalize your current situation into clear goals during our call. 

  • You will get clarity on where to focus your energy to quickly evolve your business.

  • You’ll be really excited to get out there!  



  • After the session, I will send you selected resources tailored to your individual needs.

  • They will support you to excel at the goals we set together.

  • You’ll be confident you are on the path to success! 


  • Once you’ve reflected on the session you may have ideas you want to discuss or extra questions you want to ask. 

  • So you get to join three group calls inside the membership for live support plus some valuable networking with people on the same journey as you. 

  • You’ll get that extra boost to keep moving forward in your business journey! 

All sessions are online via Zoom and cost £197 per session*

I'm really looking forward to meeting you and helping you!


Click here to book!

Payment takes place at the same time as booking.

By booking you confirm you have read the terms and conditions here.


If you can't find a time that works for you, contact me here and we will find a time that works. 

*You have the option to join the membership at a reduced price.

If you would like to book a FREE call to discuss joining the Tutor Like a Pro! membership, click here. 

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Tutor Like a Pro!

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