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Hello ...

I'm Sandra and I've been interested in language for as long as I can remember. That lead me to a Linguistics and Phonetics degree as an undergraduate in London. Back then I was a volunteer tutoring adults functional literacy skills and I researched reading and spelling achievement in school children. What fascinated me was how amazingly talented and skilled  people are, often without being able to read or spell very effectively. So supporting adults and children to improve their literacy skills and to see their self-esteem rocket is one of the most rewarding things in the world.    

I've had a long and varied career in educational publishing, teaching and private tutoring, including extensive experience with learners who speak English as a second language. A switch into teaching made me decide to get my master's qualificiation in dyslexia and literacy. And I've done a wide variety of teacher training, including in special educational needs, or learning differences, as I prefer to call them. That's simply because no two people learn alike. We all have our own learning differences. I also have a child with literacy challenges so I know exactly how that feels from personal experience. 


As a veteran of teaching, tutoring and educational publishing I am excited to channel my years of experience into helping teachers, tutors and educators to keep doing what we all want: turning learning to read  into reading to learn as the way to set our children up for the success they deserve. If that's a vision that speaks to you too, you are warmly welcome to join us here at Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring. 

Just for fun, here are 5 things about me that don't make the cut in the usual bio ...


  • always tea, rarely coffee

  • I am an early bird, definitely not a night owl

  • I grew up by the sea in Dorset

  •  you'll often find me living and working from my campervan around Europe

  • I love word-play jokes, so here's one: The past, the present and the future walked into a bar. It was tense.  

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Say hello to my dog Shadow.

Barking at the wind and relaxing are his two favourite things. 


I'm Barbara, an artist, graphic designer and printer and I've run my own design and printing business in Wales for 20 years. I'm also the Company Director of Fruit Salad Publishing Ltd. which is the home of Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring.  I love simple, fuss-free design and that's perfect for our Jigsaw Phonics Tutoring resources. It's important that resources for children are uncluttered and "noise-free" so they can focus on exactly what they need to learn - their letters and sounds. I am also the co-founder of Ditsy Puffin Designs on Etsy where I get to create fun, personlized gifts.  


My earlier career was in travel, hence my love of aeroplanes and all things space. I've been to many places in the world, but one of my favourite experiences was travelling around Australia in a campervan with my oldest son when he was little.


Wales is my adopted home and I love the view of Fishguard Bay from my kitchen window. West Wales is absolutely beautiful and one of my favourite things is taking my dog Shadow for a walk. He's an older gentlemen now, and not always quite with it. That might explain why he won't walk in sunshine but will walk for hours in the rain!


Apart from designing all the 90 lessons that come with the Tutor Like a Pro! membership, I have also designed the complete range of business stationery that you will need to set up your private tutoring business plus all the workbooks that come with the tutor training videos. I'm the designer on your side if you join the membership, so it's me you can talk to if you have any questions or need something very specific for your tutoring business. I'm really looking forward to helping you!   

Just for fun, here are 5 things about me that don't make the cut in the usual bio ...

  • I love all things aircraft - my favourite is Boeing the 737 - but only if it has the cute button black nose.

  • I've recently become obsessed with the 1960s space race, Apollo landings and NASA and can't wait for the next series of "For all Mankind"

  • I once had a 'between jobs' job flying paper aeroplanes - and trying to sell them

  • I love languages and I speak Welsh

  • I collect cruet sets - my favourite so far is a set from Concorde

Jigsaw Phonics is our own programme. It matches the way children learn in UK schools and it works in any international setting. The characters and their quirks are the hook into phonics that children love. The characters' extra stroke of genius is signalling strategies that children need to read different kinds of words.

But let's let the characters speak for themselves!

Puzzle whole.png

Hello! I'm Puzzle the panda and I love two things in life: food and reading. When I'm not busy trying to get something to eat I'm learning to read. And even if I look a bit clumsy, all my accidents are never really my fault. Children love me because they know I am all about the words they can sound out so I am a big help to them.  And they love telling me all about new letters and sounds and helping me learn to read too!

I can read with Puzzle logo.png
Wug whole.png

Hello! I'm Wug the alien and I almost didn't make it to your planet! And I had to translate this from Wuggish because I don't speak much English. When I try, I get everything mixed up! Children love calling out "Wuggish, Rubbish! What a lot of nonsense!" when they read my words. They have a lot of fun and they help me learn English! 

I can read with Wug logo.png
Trick whole.png

Hello! I'm Trick the robot! English is the hardest language to learn because the sounds and letters don't match very well. But I've got a computer brain that can read and spell every single word! I help the children to know that they have to read those tricky words in one go. They love finding lots of hard words for me to add to my big collection. I'm trying to teach English to Wug too, but that's another story!

I can read with Trick logo.png

What teachers are saying about Jigsaw Phonics in the classroom ...

TRICK flashcards template child writing.JPG

​"Well what can I say? My children adored meeting Puzzle, Wug and Trick today. They ... laughed so hard when reading Wuggish words."

​"Thank you for your resources! TOTAL. GAME. CHANGER."

​"This year I have fallen in love with Jigsaw Phonics ... I love the hook of the characters .. it's a great way to give phonics meaning."

​"Just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU. We've been using Jigsaw Phonics for over 6 weeks. My children have been loving phonics and improving rapidly."

​"...the children love the characters..."

​'... the children are so engaged with the fun characters..."

You can find these accredited testimonials on the @jigsawphonics Instagram account.

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